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Friday, January 7, 2011

first Saturday session of the year

Between Christmas and New Year five (four women and a child) went to Twistfibre craftshop to stock up our stash and to introduce 3 of the 5 to this great crafty place in Newburgh, Fife. Wee Andrea lined up the above creatures on the counter so we could make a photo and be inspired for our first single focus Saturday session tomorrow in the Townhall: to make little creatures our of egg or round shapped needlefelted wool!

Like this one Melissa made the other day:
There might not be very many folks able to come tomorrow, but our Sarah with the Dinosaurs will make a start to work with whoever would like to have fresh go at simple 3D project to perfect their skills.

Maybe next week she'll teach how to make Dinosaurs?

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  1. Right, lets get started tomorrow then! Dinosaurs next week? My foot! Need anatomy lessons first for sheep let alone dinos :-0!


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