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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Just in case you have not become aware of this: today is NO Crafting in the Community Session in the Townhall, because we are now in our new rhythm, were we do our skill share crafting during the Saturday Townhall Open House now only every other week (= the each second and each fourth Saturday of the month!) at the usual time, 11.30pm- 1.30pm

At the same time we are meeting interim - on random childcare suitable hours, with kids and without kids - to continue making the growing characters (human and animal) and other sets for our STORY SCAPE scenes. If you like to join us, you are warmly invited to join us! (please contact Ruth on 07818 061918)

yesterday: Puff the magic dragon made by Sarah, and the boat made by Jenni
Please come along and join us every first and third Friday afternoon, between 2 and 3pm, in the Penicuik library to have some story telling fun!

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