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Friday, May 27, 2011

Town hall crafting tomorrow - and glimpse of impromptu playzone last week

Hello dragon, I bring you a flower...

Last week there was meant to be first time since the beginning of Making Space a Penicuik Townhall Open House without our fabulous felts, so to not too overstretch our free human resources... BUT... Well, one member could not bear the thought to abandon ship, and took herself hither with landscapes and creatures... to the absolute delight of little Sophie and a few more little ones.

It was actually really relaxing to be around there and to only give time to playing and to meeting people!
(see our May album for a few more pics of this and everything else in the merry month of May)

Tomorrow we will be back and work more on creating some figures for our next story scape session, figures belonging to the owl and the pussy cat rhyme.
{courtesy of 'Home office mall'}

Otherwise - well lets see what you had in mind to create?

Maybe paint with wool (wet-flat-felting) scenes from


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