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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Launch of the Story Scape Session

This is as a big thank you for the many hands and many hours and hopeful joyful hearts that went into making this launch of our "Story Scape Sessions" possible! May it bring the free gift of home-made enjoyment to many in many hours to come!
Today we featured:
Little Red Riding Hood -
the marvellous creature basket -
the magic porridge pot.

About 20 kids from nearly newborn to 11 or 12 and 10 adults gathered today in the story corner of Penicuik Library to set up the long planned Story Scape.

Quite a challenge to embrace that wide age range with capturing tales and interaction, but it worked quite beautifully, as the older children looked after their siblings as well as leading story and song sharing. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and everybody helped tidying up!

Now we need to gather ourselves again to widen our repertoire for the next session of our pilot month, the one on the 20th of May.

Any wishes anyone?

We'll start tomorrow in the Town Hall with making a sea-shore-scape ...
What stories will wash it a shore for us?

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