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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beware :-) young and old Makers at large in Town Hall today!

busy bees in town hall
The Maker bug has struck: the two tables today in the second session of our first Craft in the Community season were overflowing with treasures and pleasures of magic wool fibres and budding makers young and old.
Joan was kept busy showing her inspirational way of making needlefelted framed wool pictures. Vibusha was in demand again to get folks initiated in the fab way of making felt creatures, and Anneruth was delighted with the pegloom pieces' progress.

The best way for you all to see and hear the story is via the picasa album: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/117445521233701725799/MakingSpaceInPenicuikInSeptember#
Photos #53 - #92 tell the story. Enjoy to see and read it fully there.
final touches and catching up before tidying up time

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  1. Joan, thank you so much for your inspirations and your great ways of sharing your skills bringing the joy of creativity to hearts and hands in the community.
    Thanks to everyone for being such great makers and sharing your skills and enthusiasm.
    Yes, as someone said: amazing that all these different things went on in such a small place and short time!
    Well, that is all that it needs: a bit of time, a bit of space, and sharing skills, -> and happy faces and families are the results as well as lovely and absolutely unique hand made things!


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