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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Transport & Galgael

Yes, it took quite some transporting of wools and tools of what as one felt making workshop participant so aptly observed looked like as if the fibre craft workshop has always been there in Penicuik House.

All of those varied wools and tools that need to go back to Galgael in Glasgow (apart from the Felt Portal, the loom, and some wall hangings which stay for the Open Doors day on Saturday) are now ready to be transported in Tom's van. So lucky he did not plan to transport it back yesterday (Monday) when a mega fire right next door to Galgael closed the whole area, and of course Galgael, down. Sure you heard about it in the news? It was such a blessing that the wind was in the opposite direction or Galgael's unique premises, adjacent to the tyreplace-fire, could have been destroyed!
galgael, est. 9th century
in the yard where the man walks was the fire:

The Galgael workshop is right here, where the blue paint starts in the left corner of picture:
Monday morning...

Not heard about Galgael yet? Come and see it and be truly transported:

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