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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

felting chromosomes at home

Caroline has a friend, a scientist, who researches into chromosomes and he has birthday soon. On his website is a bright micro-photo of chromosome dividing. Like with many nano images of things that go on deep inside our body cells they look breathtaking, mysterious and miraculous. What better challenge than to capture such an image in the miraculous artistic means of wool fibre:

Carolne decided to go for a mixed technique approach, layering for wetfelting with some needlefelting support to fix the more intricate points and lines before submerging the fibres into soapy waters and the wet felting agitation.

Then, after the wetfelting and drying, she added the finer details, trapped pink angelina fibre for the shiney effect, and then framed her piece of art in a deep box frame. Perfect!
We think we have found a new science-art production line! I certainly will learn more about biology if  am endeavouring to recreate the worlds hidden images through magic wool fibre!

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  1. I loved doing this with Anneruth. It was really relaxing and great fun. Somehow the beautiful colours of the wool, the feel of the fibres, making a present and being able to chat and "work" at the same time adds up to a wonderful feeling of happiness and calm. Am now looking out for my next image from cell biology! By the way the photograph of the cell dividing is by Professor Bill Earnshaw who has a great website and a fantastic book of incredible images.


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