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Monday, September 20, 2010

Pegloom weaving last Saturday

Last Saturday Making Space brought some fun fibre action to the townhall:
3 girls and their dad learned how to set up their own pegloom and how to start weaving a rag rug and a raw fleece rug project. Marjorie brought both her peglooms and inspired several women to dare to have a go, even with stiff fingers it was fun, and Vibusha threaded another pegloom (help by her son Ben who valiantly disentangled the recycled warp threads for her!) as well as taught one lucky woman on holiday here how to make a felt pet first time round!

We sold some wools and tools and with the donations we have now £8 in our kitty to buy new materials or to cover volunteer expenses. Vibusha, coming on from Peebles, decided that for today to be able to take the pegloom home with some donated raw wool, she was well renumerated!

Toni still has white wool at home he and his three girls collected on the hills, and together with some Zwartbless wool to wash and some more old clothes to cut up - we are looking forward to see what these keen crafters are coming back with hopefully next week ...

aye, hopefully the two warps used up (bar the length for the end ties, that is!) and having had a go even on the end ties itself??

Vibusha promised to come back with 2 blackface sheep - felted ones - which Ulla has ordered, and it looks likes she has her hands full with being a maker whilst we are so lucky to have her in our midst (she will have to go back to New Zealand some point... ;-( )!

For a couple of more pics of this first and very successful "Craft in the Community" Saturday in the town hall session, go and visit http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/117445521233701725799/MakingSpaceInPenicuikInSeptember#.

It has been great to have the Making Spirit sparkle!

Time for Christmas gifts making soon, folks!

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