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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thanks, feedback, and what's next

"Yes, lets carry on " was what you said, was what we all said! So, whilst the craft demonstrators are transporting the tools and wools back to Galgael in Glasgow and update this blog with more details from the workshops in Penicuik House, and whilst Gillian and Scottish Lime make available the feedback you have given us, let's stay connected here in Penicuik:

It be lovely if you could use this blog here to post comments, and to pass it on to your friends and family.

And it would be lovely to see you now in autumn on Saturdays around noon for an hour or two for making space for our  'Making Space' in the Townhall. Depending on what else is going on in the Townhall and who can come to put up the banner to speak, it could happen every Saturday, and if not, at least every other Saturday. Just the right time of the year to build the stock for the best Christmas presents: the ones you make yourself! And you have got plenty of ideas and skills by now to share and to get cracking!

This coming Saturday is Open Door day in Penicuik House and Anneruth and one or two others might come along there again and do some weaving and spinning. These 2 crafts have kind of been drowned out by the :-) fab felt frenzy yesterday, and as our neatly planned timetable had to get shelved as everyone came bumbling in just after noon and getting hooked on felting! Hopefully Galgael can spare the upright loom a little longer and we can let you have a good time weaving here

and in any case you can weave with nature from your walk on the estate something like this:
The above picture is from a lovely blog http://www.childinharmony.com/2010/05/weave-with-nature.html, which we would like to recommend to you.

By the way: please let us know any inspiring blogs or projects so we can share them here on our making space penicuik blogspot!

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