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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog updates

Just to let everyone know:

This blog, Making Space at Penicuik, has been updated now, - or rather is almost fully updated.
As your and our experience "From Fibre to Fabric" during the Arts festival was a big success, we are now hoping to build upon this, in accordance with your wishes:

  • free craft experiences in the community for all ages and stages
  • building a community of skill sharing ( a very valuable community asset in this day and age!)
  • make beautiful things, lasting gifts of joy, inspiration and imagination 
  • becoming a valuable self supporting community resource
  • becoming an educational resource, bringing understanding and experience esp. of traditional crafts onto the daily menu with fun as well as depth
  • and, last but not least: support our local makers! (and be supported by them ;-)
Presently we will focus on natural fibre craft, but this can change in accordance with wishes and available resources.
Enjoy this blog, come back often and pass it on. Thank you!
Let us know what you think of this blog (where ever you are in the world!) and what you found in our local crafting circles and at home:
There are comment functions on everything: we love to hear from you!

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